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Syracuse Diesel and Electric, Inc. is a warehouse distributor for automotive and heavy duty electrical products.

Ted's Automotive Electric is a full service automotive, motorcycle, and truck repair facility.

Syracuse Diesel: 315-463-8573     Ted's Electric: 315-463-8569

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Our Story

Syracuse Diesel & Electric, Inc. was founded in 1943 in Syracuse, NY as a specialty service center in the automotive electrical and carburetion business as "Ted's Electrical Service" by Ted Pinkowski. It is a full service local car and truck repair shop. Thaddeus Dziergas became co-owner in 1953 and had purchased the company by 1956. The company's name remained the same, being that Thaddeus was also known as "Ted."

Through the hard work and dedication of our employees, the business grew and demand soon depleted supply. Original Equipment (OE) Vendors approached us, asking to use us as a warehouse distributor for direct purchasing of their products. With that in mind, in 1968 we seperated into two divisions as seperate entities. We retained "Ted's Electrical Service" as a DBA for their knowledge and expertise in the electrical phase of the business and established the warehouse distribution division as "Syracuse Diesel and Electric, Inc."

As demand grew for gasoline and diesel injection services, our partner company, Specialized Diesel Service, Inc., was formed in 1972. Specialized Diesel Service, Inc. now services a variety of gas and diesel injectors and pumps for shops and businesses all over the United States.

After the passing of Thaddeus Dziergas, Sr., in 2002, Thaddeus Dziergas, Jr. and Lawrence Dziergas became co-owners. Ted is the president of Syracuse Diesel & Electric and Ted's Electrical Service, and Larry is the president of Specialized Diesel Service. 

Syracuse Diesel & Electric, Inc. now sells products to shops and businesses all over the United States.